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Non-standard Equipment Plant

Non-standard Equipment Plant

Non-Standard Equipment Plant


Many industrial enterprises face the need for equipment that is not mass-produced. Those are usually companies which develop their own production processes or make the decision to upgrade the existing production lines significantly.


Even though design and production of such solutions can be more difficult than buying ready products, these difficulties pay off, since they provide a number of advantages, namely:


  • optimization of  production processes
  • higher quality of products and capacity of the enterprise
  • adaptation of the equipment to the existing facilities


All of this helps to grow profits and gives the enterprise unique competitive advantages. Leading Russian and international companies trust OLAND with implementation of non-standard projects of various complexity. We create effective solutions for all industries.

Нестандартное оборудование  Нестандартное оборудование: резервуар


Non-Standard Equipment: Production and Installation


When you can commission the full cycle of works (design, production, installation of non-standard equipment) from the same contractor, it is always more cost-efficient and reliable. Our customers can control the entire process, and our expert personally supervise every stage, bearing full responsibility for the quality of our work.


There are two ways we produce equipment:


  1. Production of non-standard equipment based on the client’s design. The prepared documentation is studied by OLAND experts, they calculate the budget and estimate the time required to complete the order.
  2. Project development and production of non-standard equipment by our experts based on the customer’s technical requirements. OLAND construction bureau will develop the most efficient solution taking into account all your requirements to the project for non-standard equipment, needs and conditions specified by you.


All the products we produce undergoes a cycle of testing followed by issuing of the required documentation and service warranty. Non-standard equipment is produced and installed in full compliance with official national technical and safety standards.


OLAND plant means reliable and effective solutions for your business. We treat every project with care and attention. We guarantee the highest quality of any project you commission from us.

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