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Industrial Fencing

Industrial Fencing

Industrial Fencing

Plants, storage complexes, extractive and production enterprises are all facilities with restricted access and rigorous safety standards for the benefit of the personnel. Industrial fencing plays a major role here.

Fencing restricts trespassing, helps to organize the space on the territory of the enterprise, cautions and protects.


Metal Industrial Fencing and Its Benefits

The most modern and economically efficient type of industrial fencing is modular metal structures. They are made from vertical steel rods bound with horizontal bars. The steel used for production of fencing is highly durable and resistant to humidity and temperature swings.


To protect welded sections and metal rods from external wear, they are coated in zinc and polyester coating or special powder spray. This makes such fencing reliable and extends its service lifetime.

Ограждения объектов промышленности под ключ

Пример производимых ограждений на заводе Кроношпан

Metal industrial fencing and areas has a number of advantages compared to massive concrete and stone fences:


  • easy and fast installation
  • good protection and resistance to vandalism
  • such fencing can be of any size or shape and can thus be used on difficult terrain where installation of brick or concrete fences is impossible
  • durability
  • can be used on any kind of soil
  • high light and air permeability
  • can be dismounted and installed on a different site
  • reduced cost of construction and transportation



Types of Industrial Fencing

OLAND specializes in production of fences for production facilities of any purpose. We produce fixed, portable or revolving fencing based on typical or customized projects with various levels of protection of any shape or configuration.


Industrial fencing can be broken down into several categories depending on its primary purpose:


  1. Demarcation fencing visually delimits the borders of a section and is not meant to prevent attempts to enter the facility.
  2. Delaying fencing does not fully prevent entry to the facility – it is meant to delay the individual until the arrival of security.  Ограждения объектов - ограждение с магнитным замком
  3. Restrictive fencing is meant to prevent attempts of unlawful entry to the facility. Normally these are tall and durable fences with barbed wire.
  4. Fencing with access control function means reinforced structures equipped with one or several security systems, which record any attempts to enter the protected perimeter.
  5. Intrashop fencing prevents the personnel from access to the equipment to ensure their safety.


Industrial fencing can include the following units:

  • gates and wickets
  • supports
  • brackets for barbed wire
  • fixtures
  • light indicators of an isolated perimeter
  • magnetic locks and locks with electronic and mechanical control 


OLAND has been working in production of metal structures since 2007 and is one of the leaders on the Russian market. Our enterprise has done design, production and installation of intradepartmental fencing and fencing for industrial facilities for leading local and international manufacturers. The facilities that our company has worked on are plants of world production leaders of chipboard Kronospan and Dieffenbacher as well as dozens of other successful projects.


OLAND means a system of services on metal structure supply to industrial facilities as well as high quality that has rightfully earned the trust of our partners.

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