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Underground tanks

Underground tanks

Underground Tanks


Today’s industry oftentimes makes use of underground tanks for gas, drinking and service water, oil products, oils etc. Underground location provides a few important benefits: not only does it save useful space on the facility, it also protects the contents from external factors, such as sunlight or temperature fluctuations.

OLAND Design and Engineering Group has been working in design, production and installation of metal structures for industrial facilities since 2007. High quality standards, powerful technical capacities and human resources enabled us to become one of the leading enterprises nationwide. Products manufactured by the company include tanks of various volume and designated use, underground containers for gas, oil products etc. The full range of our products can be found here.


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Design and Types of Underground Tanks

 An underground tank is a steel container with flat or conical bottom. The first option is used for oil-containing products with up to 40 kPa pressure. To store fuel with pressure up to 70 kPa, tanks with a conical bottom are used.

Depending on the designated use, containers can have single or double walls. The former are mainly used for water, while the latter — for more aggressive matters.


As a rule, underground tanks are equipped with supplementary devices, such as sensors of pressure, temperature, fuel etc. Our company collaborates with leading manufacturers of measurement equipment and can produce underground tanks with any options.

Underground tanks are meant to be used in temperatures from -40 to +40 C and humidity of up to 80%. If the temperature may fall below the freezing temperature of the stored matter, tanks are equipped with heating systems. In northern areas, it is not the tank itself but the pit where it is located that gets equipped with heating — moreover, the pit is located below the level of soil freezing.


Underground Tanks: production prices

 Prices for underground containers depend on their volume, brand of steel, whether they are single- or double-walled. The approximate cost* of single-wall tanks from carbon steel St3sp depending on the volume is as follows (currency used: RUR):


  • 8 m³ (2000-1000): 243000
  • 12.5 m³ (2000-1000): 300000;
  • 16 m³ (2000-1000): 347000
  • 20 m³ (2400-1000): 400000
  • 25 m³ (2400-1000): 456000
  • 40 m³ (2400-1000): 620000
  • 63 m³ (3000-1000): 810000


OLAND metal products go through multiple stages of internal quality control and comply with existing standards and requirements. Every product we manufacture or installation work we perform is provided with supplementary documentation and a warranty.

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