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Types of Industrial Ventilation

Types of Industrial Ventilation

Types of Industrial Ventilation

Industrial ventilation is necessary to ensure air flow on the territory of the enterprise. Such systems are installed with the aim to maintain optimum content and condition of air in compliance with all hygienic and industrial requirements of the enterprise (humidity, flow, purity, temperature).

Peculiarities and Purpose of Ventilation in Industrial Facilities

The main purpose of industrial ventilation is to organize effective air exchange between the industrial facility and the environment. Thus, the necessary conditions for both the equipment and the personnel of the enterprise can be ensured.

Depending on the location of the ventilated facility, systems can be divided into:

  • local — installed in facilities where harmful emissions are localized in one specific area and it is essential to prevent further diffusion of such processed air
  • general — solutions responsible for air circulation through the entire territory of the facility

By peculiarities of construction, industrial ventilation systems can be divided into the following groups:

  • single-block  — all elements are located in one block
  • from parts – constructed from individual elements

Main Types of Industrial Ventilation

  • supply and exhaust ventilation — handles both inflow of clean air to the territory of the industrial facility and removal of the polluted air
  • supply ventilation — special system tasked with inflow of clean air into the facility
  • exhaust ventilation — removed processed air (heated, with emissions) from the ventilated facility

Exhaust Industrial Ventilation

Exhaust ventilation is useful for offices, private houses, storage facilities, dining establishments etc. It is also often installed in manufacturing areas at harmful enterprises. In this case, fresh air flows in from outside or from adjacent rooms.

Supply Industrial Ventilation

Supply ventilation is installed in order to ensure inflow of clean air from the street into the industrial facility. In this case, processed air leaves the space naturally (through doors, windows, fencing).

Practice shows that the best option for industrial ventilation is installation of both exhaust and supply systems. It allows to increase the efficiency of air circulation — the full change of air streams will take place exactly as much as needed for the enterprise.

Commission Production and Installation of Ventilation Online

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