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Tank Factory

Tank Factory

Tank Factory


OLAND Design and Engineering Group has been working in production of industrial-use metal structures since 2007. We provide the full cycle of services — from drawing up the projects to installation and maintenance of metal structures. One of the focus areas of our work is production of steel tanks.

Production capacities of OLAND’s metal structure and tank factory are focused on one platform in the city of Ufa, where the full production cycle takes place. There are several shops at the enterprise: mechanical metal processing shop; electric and gas welding shops as well as argon-arc welding; painting and assembly shops. All of this allows us to control compliance with the technological process at every stage and guarantee high product quality for our clients.


OLAND Tank Factory: Product Range

One of our main focus areas is design and production of steel tanks for various branches of industry and for storage of liquids and gasses of various types:

  • oil and oil products
  • drinking and service water
  • POL
  • liquefied petroleum gas

We produce steel tanks of the following types:

  • vertical and horizontal
  • above-ground and underground
  • single- and double-walled
  • one- and multi-section
  • insulated and heated
  • containers with conical, elliptical and cylindrical bottoms
  • industrial, fuel, everyday and food containers
Завод резервуаров ОЛАНД

пример изготовленных резервуаров для заказчик

Our tank factory also produces standard and non-standard tanks for raw material, products, as well as technological and fire tanks for various danger classes (I to IV) including high-risk containers for the oil industry.

The cylindrical steel tanks that we produce can have various volumes, coating as well as have various equipment installed at your request. Our tank factory works with leading manufacturers of measuring equipment, therefore if the customer requires it, we install all the necessary equipment in the tank: sensors for pressure, temperature, level of liquid etc.

We have all the necessary permission and licenses for all types of design and installation works. The equipment and technology that we use have been verified and licensed as well. We have rigorous control of incoming rolled steel at the enterprise. The products we manufacture are certified to verify their compliance with the technical requirements and industry standards.

OLAND metal structure and tank factory has vast experience with implementation of projects of various complexity. The facilities our company has worked on include leading Russian and foreign manufacturers, such as KRONOSHPAN, Diffenbacher, Uvadrev Holding and dozens of others.


Tank Factory — Design and Installation of Metal Containers


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