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Steel Electric Welded Pipes

Steel Electric Welded Pipes

Steel Electric Welded Pipes


Electric welded pipes are a type of metal products produced with circular, oval, or angular cross-section. Thanks to the variety of shapes and sizes, easiness of production and installation, durability and cost efficiency compared to seamless pipes, such products are vastly used in various areas.


According to the national standards of pipeline production, steel electric welded pipes are produced from low alloy and carbon steel of the following brands: ST2PS, ST4PS, SP, KP, 20, 35, 45, 08KP and 10PS.


Steel Electric Welded Pipeline: Use and Classification


Electric welded pipes are used for laying of pipelines and building structures of various purpose. In particular, they are used for construction of reliable frame-based buildings for municipal use, furniture production and other industries.


The use of this type of rolled stock is regulated by national standards and depends on its class:


  • Class 1 is used in the municipal sector, it is useful for production of supporting structures, water supply systems and heating;
  • Class 2 is durable to high pressure and temperatures, which is why these products are used in oil and gas pipelines;
  • Class 3 is durable to high temperatures and is widely used in chemical and oil refinement industries;
  • Class 4 is used for oil mines and drilling;
  • Class 5 is popular for heavy mechanical engineering, building of frames, supports, in furniture production;
  • Class 6 is pipes capable of withstanding strong pressure, which is why they are used in production of car parts (pistons, shafts etc.)

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Typical sizes of electric welded pipes


According to national technical standards (GOST 10705-91), circular electric welded pipes are produced with the diameter of 10 to 530 mm. According to GOST-10706-76, they can have the diameter of 478 to 1420 mm. Products with the diameter of 57 or more mm can have 1 cross weld, while those with the diameter of 820 mm or more can have 1 cross weld and 2 longitudinal welds.


Depending on their use, rectangular and square electric welded pipes are produced in the following ways:


  • of definite cut lengths (5-9 m)
  • of random lengths (1.5-9 m)
  • of divisible lenghts


Electric welded pipes also differ in their quality, which is reflected in the letter of their marking:

  • А – pipes produced with standard-setting for their mechanical properties
  • Б – pipes produced with standard-setting of their chemical content
  • В – pipes produced with set standards of both their mechanical properties and their chemical content
  • Д – electric welded pipes with set hydraulic pressure standards


OLAND Design and Engineering Group has been working in production of metal structures since 2006. Our company produced electric welded pipes of all types with standard and custom parameters for various industries. We produce electric welded pipes at our own facilities based on our customers’ designs and offer installation services for pipelines and other structures.

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