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Production of Mineral Fertilizers

Production of Mineral Fertilizers

Production of Mineral Fertilizers and Special Nature of Industrial Equipment Installation

Production of mineral fertilizers comprises a broad spectrum of enterprises that make use of diverse machines and equipment — from mining and chemical equipment (mining and pit, mineral processing equipment) used for mining ore minerals and processing them to the condition for subsequent chemical treatment to equipment designed for production of the final product itself, which is usually categorized into equipment of basic chemicals production, nitrogen industry, sulphur and yelow phosphorus production.

Over the past years, OLAND group has participated in a number of projects connected with installation of mineral fertilizer production equipment designed for manufacturing the end product, having improved upon the previous experience at coproduction of investment project Uvadrev-holding (the Udmurt Republic), construction of production lines for OOO DOK Kalevala (the Republic of Karelia), OOO “Zavod DK Orisil” (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, Ukraine) and others.

This experience in equipment installation enabled OLAND group to not only successfully rearm the ammonia nitrate production unit at AO “Voskresenskiye mineralnye udobreniya”, a subdivision of AO “United Chemical Company “URALKHIM”, but also, given our vast experience with various projects of chemical industry, actively participate in the process of mounting services procurement for equipment of United Chemical Company “Schekinoazot”.

Regular participation in projects provides us with an insight that even though the types of operations differ from enterprise to enterprise, there are groups of machines that are similar in their design features, technological capabilities and functions, which allows to establish universal requirements to their installation and operation. Such equipment includes flight and belt conveyors, loading and hauling machines, skip and cage hoists, drying cylinders, flotation machines, crushers, mills and other machines that carry out predominantly mechanical tasks.

List of Equipment for Production of Chemical Fertilizers

Equipment for production of basic chemicals, which includes furnaces, towers, mixing and drying devices and apparatuses, contact reactors, heat exchange units and filters, works under conditions of high humidity and in direct contact with chemically aggressive substances. The pressure can be both normal and excessive.
Many devices come in for installation pre-assembled, others require assembly at first. For instance, contact reactors, heat exchange units and filters are ready to be installed upon delivery, while installation into end position of washing, drying, absorption and oleum towers will most likely have to be done in separate units.
Ore-thermal furnaces, crushers, digestors, thickeners, melting pots and sulphur concentrate separators, oxidizers, air separation units, converters, coneyors, waste heat boilers and much of other equipment used in nitrogen industry at sulphur and yellow phosphorus production will be assembled on site for further operation.

Types of Installation of Mineral Fertilizers Industry Equipment

Equipment can be installed with the help of various hoisting machines that are chosen based on both the mass-geometric characteristics of the equipment and installation technology as well as the location of installation: outdoors or inside, above, below or at the crane datum level. Caterpillar crawler self-propelled cranes or cranes on special chassis are typically used outdoors, while gantry cranes can be used for installation of long equipment. Installation, maintenance and upgrade of equipment in enclosed spaces require traveling bridges as well as overhead-traveling cranes, while self-propelled cranes carry out support functions.

Installation of mineral fertilizer production equipment is significantly easier if at the time of enterprise design, engineers adhered to the standards of block design methods, comprising the following list of blocks: blocks of absorption / adsorption, vacuum processing, distillation, condensation, compression, heating, charging, settlement, cooling, pumping, mixing, drying, filtering, chemical process, storage, extraction. All connections between blocks are made from standard elements. In this case, the installation process is executed according to the model, making use of proven machines and equipment.


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