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Pipeline Plant

Pipeline Plant

Pipeline Plant: Production of Pipelines in Ufa


Production of pipelines is one of our major services that helps large-scale industrial syndicates to modernize and automate processes at their enterprises. During the long successful history of our work, we have acquired the necessary experience to offer you truly high-quality product capable of fulfilling the functions that you require. One of the services that we offer is production and installation of pipelines on our customers’ industrial facilities.


OLAND Design and Engineering Group has been operating on the market of design, production and installation of metal structures for industrial enterprises since 2007. Today, our enterprise is one of the leaders in its industry trusted with implementation of various projects, no matter how difficult.


Since the company specializes in services for the heavy industry, transport and industrial pipelines, supports and everything required for their installation and operation are among our key focus areas. We also provide pipeline installation services on site.


Ufa Pipeline Plant: Range of Metal Products 


The industrial facilities of the OLAND company located at the pipeline plant in Ufa are a modern full-cycle industrial enterprise where we produce the following metal structures based on typical and custom projects:


  • Pipeline supports (fixed, sliding, roller-bearing, non-conducting etc.)

Производство трубопроводов: опоры трубопроводов

  • Tanks


  • Silos


  • electric power pylons


  • masts


  • pneumatic transport


  • trusses



In the OLAND catalog, you will find everything you need for a pipeline. We offer a wide range of welded, cast, machined, stamp-welded and seamlessly welded pipeline parts.


Production and Installation by OLAND Pipeline Plant


OLAND pipeline plant consists of several shops allowing us to carry out the full production cycle:


  • mechanical metalworking shop with modern machinery
  • welding shop with equipment for certified argon arc welding
  • painting shop
  • assembly shop


All the products are verified for compliance with all the relevant national standards. Our enterprise executes rigorous multi-stage quality assurance. Metal structures are tested with ultrasound equipment, their ability to withstand mechanical load and resist any kind of mechanical impact is tested.


Following these tests, we issue all the necessary technical documentation for the product. We issue a 12-month post-delivery warranty provided the customer complies with the maintenance guidelines specified in the technical documentation. The Ufa pipeline plant provides high-quality products, the full range of services at the best price.


Turnkey pipeline production: order online

Pneumatic transport system


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