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Turnkey Metal Structures

Turnkey Metal Structures

Turnkey Metal Structures


OLAND Design and Installation Group has been working in design, production and installation of metal structures at the customer’s facility since 2007. We carry out the full production cycle, therefore we fully account for the quality of all works we do and offer our clients the best pricing.


Metal Structures: the Basics


Today, metal structures are widely used in all industries, since they enable construction of production and storage facilities, installation of equipment etc. in the shortest possible time. Besides, metal structures boast of a number of other advantages:


  • less time and money spent on construction due to use of light foundations
  • high durability
  • reliability
  • easy operation
  • possible construction on difficult terrain
  • limitless architectural possibilities
  • feasibility of dismounting the facilities and moving them to a different site


All these advantages are characteristic of all types of products offered by OLAND. In our catalog, you can find more information on the following metal structures:


We not only design and produce but also install metal structures on site for the customer. This integrated approach allows us to reduce the timescales and price of the works and to control the process fully at every stage to guarantee high quality of the result.

Cost of Metal Structures


You can calculate the prices of metal structures approximately right here on our website in the online mode, sending a request to process your specifications. Here is the approximate prices for metal structures including the price of the material:


  • trusses: from USD 1,050 per ton;


  • construction trains: from USD 950 per ton;

Металлоконструкции под ключ: колонны

  • tanks and silage: from USD 1000 per ton;


  • pipeline supports: from USD 1000 per ton;


  • pipes: from USD 1150 per ton;


  • carcasses of modular buildings: from USD 960 per ton


  • fencing structures: from USD 30 per running meter

ограждения для особо опасных зон


The cost of production and installation of non-standard metal structures is calculated individually. We are always ready to negotiate and find the options that would suit our clients best.

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