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Installation of Equipment at Pulp and Paper Mills

Installation of Equipment at Pulp and Paper Mills

Installation of Equipment at Pulp and Paper Mills

In the recent years, Russia has seen reconstruction and renovation of lost onshore wood processing plants as well as modernization of those that had been preserved. Some of these enterprises specialise in production of construction products or cabinet furniture, others — in pulp and paper production.

OLAND group has a long successful history of cooperation with enterprises and entire regions within aforementioned industry fpr installation of equipment at pulp and paper mills. Our experience, including work in Yelabuga special economic zone (Republic of Tatarstan), in Tver oblast at the plant construction for STOD timber group, in Republic of Bashkortostan at plan construction for OOO Kronoshpan and OOO Sintra and others, enabled us to develop our own approaches to installation of special industrial equipment over the years.

Advanced international experience, experiences of Mondi international group and the Russian leader of pulp and paper industry, Ilim group, which both have their own practices in the field of construction of new plants and technological upgrade of the existing plants, set the trend for requirements to quality of mounting work in the Russian Federation.

Even though pulp and paper mills (hereafter PPM) belong to the group of chemical enterprises, not all sections of PPM are ecologically hazardous. Only pulp stages of production constitute ecological danger for the workers and can harm the environment in case if production waste management technologies are violated.

Special Nature and Characteristics of Installation of Equipment at Pulp and Paper Mills

Construction and upgrade of PPM means installation of a great number of various metal structures, industrial and power equipment, both generic and strictly specialized.

The primary factor determining the special characteristics of mounting work is equipment design values. The work of the highest complexity involves installation of machines and equipment of irregularly large dimensions and high specific quantity of metal per structure. Such equipment includes all high-speed paper and cardboard machines, machines for mechanical grinding of wood into fiber — grinders, barking drums, chemipulpers etc.

Some industrial equipment systems weigh as much as 10,000 tonnes, with the weight of certain units reaching 200-300 tonnes. Moreover, the size can reach 200 meters, and the speed of certain mechanisms — up to 2000 m/minute (on paper sheet cutting machines).

The production being toxic and high-speed, the number of employees engaged in it is minimized. This stipulates extremely stringent requirements to the reliability and precision of industrial equipment installation.

It should be noted that different sections of the production line have different installation characteristics, thus the installation processes vary in complexity levels. For instance, there are no chemical safety requirements to installation of barking drums, cable flight conveyors, cable cranes, saw machines etc., as the function of the aforementioned equipment is strictly mechanical.

On the other hand, pulp equipment falls entirely into the chemical equipment category, working both at high temperatures (150-200 ºC) and under aggressive attack of acids, bases, gases, etc. That is why it is necessary to follow statutory regulations in the process of installation, which take into account the fact of thermal distortion under normal conditions and in the process of digestion.

The equipment for wood grinding, sorting, pulp thickening, pumps that convey pulp may fall into the category of chemical equipment depending on the type of pulp being produced.

There are special installation requirements to paper and cardboard machines that produce the end product. It is connected with the fact that they consist of interconnected high-speed conveyors that not only convey products but also carry out mechanical actions of various levels of complexity.


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