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Fire Tank Calculation

Fire Tank Calculation

Fire Tank Calculation


A fire tank is a necessary requirement to any industrial facilities. Without one, it would be very difficult to pass the inspection of supervisory agencies. To avoid problems, the tank must be consistent with a number of requirements, ensure the necessary speed of water intake, water flow to hoses etc. That is why it is essential to choose the right type of the tank and calculate its main parameters.


fire tank is a sealed metal container for accumulation, storage and supply of industrial water. Such containers consist of several elements:

  • the frame
  • the opening
  • supports


Tanks are also equipped with waterproofing and heat insulation, as well as various control and isolating valves. According to technical standards, the tanks have to be equipped with devices to control the level of water, the pressure etc.


Fire tanks can be of the following types:


  • horizontal and vertical

Пожарный резервуар вертикального и горизонтального типа пример

  • underground and above-ground

Пожарный резервуар подземного типа


The selection of this or that type of container depends on the nature of the facilities, available space on the territory of the enterprise etc.


Fire Tank Calculation


The volume of a fire tank is calculated based on the amount of water required to put out a fire. On average, for industrial enterprises of V, G and D categories, the volume is calculated based on average figures, and the minimum water expenditure is 10 liters per second.


Exact calculations are made based on a big number of factors in accordance with tables set forth in construction rules, section 2-04-02-84. Among other things, the following factors are taken into account:


  • the class of the facility fire resistance (according to construction rules and regulations)
  • facility category in terms of fire safety
  • number of floors and area of the facilities
  • potential number of simultaneous fires


Exact fire tank calculation must be executed by professionals with all the required licenses and permissions to design such objects. It will ensure that the final result is reliable and will be approved by regulatory agencies.


Fire Tank Installation


OLAND Design and Engineering Group specializes in production of metal structures, working in this field since 2007. We are an integrated company disposing of all the necessary equipment and human resources to produce containers of any volume and type. Our priority is providing excellent services to our clients under the conditions that will be most convenient for them, which is why we offer the entire scope of services:


  • design
  • production
  • delivery and installation of fire tanks
  • supplying and installing the necessary equipment
  • quality assurance
  • maintenance


Our company guarantees high quality of products and all types of work that we fulfill, as well as rapid delivery of the commissioned products.


Fire tank: order turnkey production and installation


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