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Fencing Plant

Fencing Plant

Fencing Plant


ограждения для особо опасных зон

Nowadays, almost all industrial, energy and storage facilities install metal fencing instead of bulky concrete and stone fences. They allow to restrict any area rapidly, minimize the preparation on site and save money for transportation.


Installation of metal fencing is possible on territories with any kind of relief and soil, including those where brick or concrete fences cannot be constructed. Another important advantage of such structures is that they can be easily dismounted and installed in a different location.


OLAND plant for metal fencing produces reliable and durable structures which will protect the facility from unauthorized individuals and unsanctioned access, and at the facility itself, they will divide the territory and ensure workers’ safety. Our fencing plant is contemporary full-cycle production facility located in the city of Ufa. Our capacity allows us to produce fencing of any complexity and configuration.


Types of Fencing of Industrial Facilities


Industrial fencing can differ by their size, assembly method, type of steel, presence and type of protective coating etc. But one of the crucial factors of their differentiation is their intended use. Our fencing plant produces all types of fencing:


  1. Demarcation fencing visually delimits the borders of a section and is not meant to prevent attempts to enter the facility.
  2. Delaying fencing does not fully prevent entry to the facility – it is meant to delay the individual until the arrival of security.  Ограждения объектов - ограждение с магнитным замком
  3. Restrictive fencing is meant to prevent attempts of unlawful entry to the facility. Normally these are tall and durable fences with barbed wire.
  4. Fencing with access control function means reinforced structures equipped with one or several security systems, which record any attempts to enter the protected perimeter.
  5. Intrashop fencing prevents the personnel from access to the equipment to ensure their safety.

магнитные замки ограждают от посторонних


OLAND company not only produces fencing but also supplies it with all the necessary elements that the customer wishes: gates, brackets for barbed wire and security cameras, magnetic, electronic or mechanical locks.


Fencing Plant: Production and Installation


OLAND Design and Installation Group has been working with production of fencing since 2007 and is now one of the leaders on the national market. Our company has done industrial objects for prominent Russian and foreign enterprises, such as Kronospan and Dieffenbacher.


We produce reliable and durable fencing based on standard projects as well as customers’ designs. Production lines focused in one fencing plant facility enable us to carry out the full cycle of works: from project development to assembly of metal structures.


Metal fencing from OLAND fencing plant are produced from high-quality durable steel and go through multiple stages of quality control. We issue warranty for all our products and works.

OLAND Fencing Plant Will Manufacture Products Based on Your Designs


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