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Metal Structures Made of Stainless Steel

Metal Structures Made of Stainless Steel

Metal Structures Made of Stainless Steel


OLAND Design and Installation Group has been working in design, installation and production of metal structures for industrial enterprises since 2007. Our main focus area is comprehensive service for new industrial facilities and those that need an upgrade as well as delivery of non-standard metal products.


Types of Metal Structures Made of Stainless Steel


One of our focus areas is production of metal structures made of stainless steel. Alloy steel products are highly durable to mechanical stress, resistant to corrosion and negative atmospheric factor. All of this makes stainless steel the best material for production of reliable metal structures.


OLAND produces standard and non-standard stainless steel metal structures – customized, using our own designs and the designs of our customers. On our website, you can check out the catalog and calculate the price for production of the following metal products:


  • Tanks;

Производство резервуаров РГС

  • Silage;

Металлоконструкции из нержавейки: силосы

  • Fences;


  • Supports;


  • Trusses;

Металлоконструкции под ключ: колонны

  • Carcass pre-engineered facilities;

строительство ангаров из металлоконструкций шатрового вида

  • Stainless steel metal structures for technological equipment etc.



Engineers with great qualifications, rigorous quality control at every stage, smoothly running delivery system and full cycle production facilities allow us to meet technical requirements of any level of complexity. The quality of our work and absolute compliance with all of our commitments to our clients are what make us a trusted partner of leading Russian and international companies.


Production of Metal Structures from Stainless Steel


Our production capacities allow us to manufacture reliable stainless steel metal structures of high quality, no matter how complex. OLAND’s production facilities contain everything necessary for the full production cycle:


  • a section for mechanical processing of metal equipped with modern lathe, milling and polishing machines etc.;
  • a section for gas and electric welding with equipment for argon arc welding.


The enterprise hosts a storage complex equipped with various material and semi-finished products for production of stainless steel metal structures. Our own car fleet with modern trucks and special equipment allows us to deliver finished stainless steel metal structures to the customer’s facility for installation in the shortest time possible.


As a full-cycle company that carries out all work stages, from supply of material to installation of stainless steel metal structures, we bear full responsibility for the quality of our services and thus provide a service warranty. Order metal structures on the main page or fill in the form by clicking the link below.


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