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Metal Structures for Construction

Metal Structures for Construction

Metal Structures for Construction


Today, buildings made from metal structures are in the highest demand among industrial and trade enterprises. Metal structural elements make it possible to create buildings of almost any size and shape, implementing any kind of unique architectural and technical ideas.


OLAND Design and Engineering Group has been working in production of metal structures for construction since 2007 and is one of the leaders on the Russian market with vast national and international experience. Our fully equipped production facilities in Ufa enable us to carry out the full production cycle, from the design stage to turn-key installation of completed facilities.


Metal Structures for Construction


OLAND offers the full range of products and structures for construction of facilities, no matter how complex. You can commission production and installation of metal structures from us regardless of their intended use.


To erect production and storage facilities, hangars, concession stands, athletic fields and other facilities, we offer light, reliable and inexpensive metal trusses. These structures are used in industrial construction to create slabs of large bays, since they reduce the use of materials and make the entire construction lighter.


We also produce pre-fabricated industrial facilities from metal frames, pre-fabricated maintenance buildings, columns and other metal structures for constructions of buildings and their elements.


Installation and Construction of Buildings from Metal Structures


OLAND is a full-cycle enterprise which, apart from production, carries out design and construction of buildings from metal structures. The design is developed by our own design bureau basedon the current industry standards.


Our experts have vast experience with construction of facilities of various scope and height. Our production capacity allows us to produce all the necessary elements for complicated and large parts of buildings and technological constructions of various intended purposes.


Since one of the main benefits of buildings from metal structures is the speed of their construction, our company does its best to carry out the entire production cycle as fast as possible. Where possible, we assemble the building blocks in our own facilities, which helps us to speed up construction on site.


Types of Buildings and Facilities from Metal Structures


Our company produces metal structures for construction of various purposes:


  • for production shops


  • for storage facilities

Металлоконструкции для строительства сооружений складского типа

  • for athletic facilities

Металлоконструкции для строительства сооружений спортивного типа

  • for shopping centers

Металлоконструкции для строительства сооружений торгового типа

  • for public use facilities

Металлоконструкции для строительства сооружений общественного типа

Our company will carry out any project on production and installation of metal structures starting from 20 tonnes.


OLAND Metal Structures for Construction of Buildings


Commissioning the full cycle of works from the same contractor is always a cost-efficient and reliable solution. Our company develops projects from scratch and carries out the entire range of works from design to turn-key delivery of erected facilities. Every stage of production and installation is controlled by multi-level QA, and we provide a warranty for all kinds of works that we carry out.


The quality of our services has already been verified by the biggest Russian and foreign enterprises. Our projects include production facilities for KRONOSHPAN, Diffenbacher, Uralkhim and other leading companies in their respective industries.

Metal Structures



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