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Production of pipeline supports

Production of pipeline supports

Production of Pipeline Supports

Pipe supports are a necessary element of the entire pipeline system. They hold the pipes, facilitate installation and ensure long, reliable work of the entire system.

Movable Supports


Movable supports receive and distribute vertical loads. They are used in pipelines that are likely to be moved or deformed because of rapid temperature changes. There are two kinds of such support: movable and movable/sliding.

производство опор (ОПХ)

Such pipeline supports are produced in accordance with specific national standards. Depending on their designated use, they are produced with various fittings: U-sections, bends, pipes, clamps etc. The design is created in accordance with further operational requirements to the pipeline.

Rolling Supports

Rolling supports are a specific type of movable supports. In terms of construction, they are a sliding support connected to a one-row or two-row rolling unit.

производство опор катковых

The main function of this type of supports is prevention of pipeline deformation due to soil movement, temperature swings and other external factors. Rolling supports make the pipeline partly movable, allowing it to move within a 50 mm radius. It allows the pipeline to handle even significant loads without any negative consequences.

Pipe Guides

Pipe guides are probably the most popular type of pipe supports due to their simplicity and low price. They are sometimes installed in combination with immovable structures, increasing the system’s durability.

Производство опор скользящих

When pipe guides are used, the pipeline is supported by a metal structure sliding lengthwise in case of a significant workload. To facilitate sliding, graphited oil is used between the support elements.


Fixed Pipe Saddle

Pipe saddles allow to secure the pipeline in the required position, preventing its movement under horizontal, vertical or lengthwise loads.


In terms of construction, they consist of a reinforced base and a curved saddle welded to the support. The bases are welded to the pipes in the process of installation. This type of supports is used for industrial pipelines.

Производство опор неподвижных

OLAND Group produces standard and custom equipment for industrial enterprises. Among other things, our company specializes in production of pipeline supports of various types – guides, saddles, sliding supports, as well as custom products.

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