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Product Description


Our company is among Russia’s biggest enterprises which focus on production of containers and tanks as well as metal structures in our activity.

Powerful production facilities and contemporary technical equipment provide for seamless production of land and underground tanks of any level of complexity and scope for professional storage of oil products, corrosive liquid mixtures, water supply, bulk solids (sand, cement etc.), products used in food industry (grain, soy etc.). The application of structures increases accordingly. Our containers have found their application in almost every branch of industry, including agriculture and fuel industry.

We use advanced technologies of metalworking and certified materials, which enables us to guarantee fast work of high quality and an individual approach to the work statement.


We offer a multifaceted approach to implementation of technical solutions, which makes our cooperation beneficial for our customer. We offer reliable, high-quality products:

  • Horizontal steel tanks of volume up to 500 m3, both single-shell and double-shell, single-section and multisectional, for storage of various types of liquids and bulk solids.

Производство резервуаров РГС

  • Special fuel and lubricant tanks for oil and other aggressive environments of various types.
  • Cylindrical vertical steel tanks of volume up to 30,000 m3
  • Tanks for liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Underground tanks for storage of liquefied gas, fuel etc.
  • Tanks with conical and elliptic bottoms.
  • Production of pipelines for transportation of environment, individual modules, repair kits and parts: drainage systems, flange connections, plugs etc.

Our enterprise produces both standard and custom production of containers and tanks. All technical solutions always undergo control in terms of their compliance with ecological, fire protection and sanitary standards as well as the State Standard.


All parts of the tanks we produce are made on foreign equipment for grand-scale rolling. The walls and bottom of the tanks are metal belts welded from individual sheets, which makes for a cast sealed construction with a wall of up to 1.8 cm. This technology provides security of transportation and increased durability of finished metal structures.  

The welding process is performed on automated technological equipment certified by National Agency for Testing and Welding. Ready solution go through multi-level quality control, including testing by ultrasound equipment. This allows us to implement the most complex and demanding projects.  


At our production, we comply with all technical requirements and standards according to the project documentation and detailed design. 100% accuracy of production according to the dimensions is adhered to without exception, which provides for easy mounting and possibility to get the necessary performance characteristics.

The company treats every order for supply of metal structures with utmost seriousness, taking into account the requirements for the list of materials, the deadlines, details of transportation and mounting, the final mass of the lot and the cost estimate.  

The rolled steel we use complies with technical specifications, the State Standard, basic design, which is verified by incoming control at the enterprise. Our facilities perform mechanical testing of rolled steel on special equipment, testing it for stretching, resistance to mechanical shocks, impact bending. Metalworking is done only on equipment capable of ensuring only the permissible limit of deviation from the project specifications.

The company offers 100% quality assurance of the elements of land and underground tanks we produce as well as full compliance with the construction and technological documentation, priorly developed and approved by the client, with the permitted standards of technical specifications and the State Standard.


The methods of protection and conservation of tanks are approved by the customer in the process of development of project documentation. Our company carries out integrated anticorrosion treatment of the main elements of horizontal and vertical steel tanks, underground tanks as well as conservation of flange connections, lids and other elements as prescribed by the State Standard.  

+7(499)136-18-98 | OFFICE@OLAND-GROUP.RU