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Metal Structures


Product Description

Production of Metal Structures as a key to durability of an industrial facility

A metal structure, or steelwork, is a pre-engineered basis of many modern buildings and allows to customize the building according to the project requirements. To have a chance to implement your daring ideas and projects, it is essential to find qualified contractors for the production of steelwork.

We are ready to offer our clients:

  • our vast experience;
  • a close-knit team that does all the work quickly and with great care;
  • products made from durable material;
  • development of products of any form factors or based on your personal design;
  • affordable products and mounting works;
  • a flexible system of discounts and payment.

We constantly monitor the market and thus we know what to offer our clients.

Use of Metal Structures at Industrial Facilities

Our production plant procures metal from reliable suppliers. At customer’s request, we perform HD galvanizing, coloring or fireproofing of the finished products, which makes the structure resistant to corrosion, stable in its form factor and durable against the influence of external factors.

Types of Metal Structures

Our enterprise can make:

  • pre-engineered metal frame industrial facilities of the specified type;
  • construction trains that make the building stable and durable;
  • trusses;
  • constructions for production equipment;
  • modular maintenance buildings for various purposes.

Our team will always complete the production of steelwork before the designated deadline.

Production of Metal Structures

With all the necessary equipment at our disposal, we can perform the full cycle of production of metal structures. It eliminates the risk of defects, allows to minimize time expenditures and provide you with affordable products.

Installation of metal structures

Our team of professionals will quickly mount the structure at your facility. We have all the necessary equipment and component parts at our disposal. Our steelwork is guaranteed to maintain high performance for a long time.

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