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Metal Structure Plant Shop

Metal Structure Plant Shop

Metal Structure Plant Shop


Production of metal structures for industrial enterprises is a complex technological process which requires significant material and technical resources. OLAND Design and Engineering Group has been working in this sector since 2007 and is one of the biggest national manufacturers of metal products today.


We offer the highest quality of products and services, which is why leading Russian and international companies trust us. Projects we have worked on include the plants of Kronospan, Diffenbacher and dozens of other companies that are the best in their field.


Metal Structure Plant Shop in OLAND


OLAND production facilities are several shops for construction of metal structures equipped with the newest technology required to execute the full cycle of works:

Цех завода металлоконструкций


  • The mechanical metalworking shop is equipped with modern lathes, grinders, milling machines etc.
  • The electric and gas welding shop has automatic equipment for argon arc welding. The welding shop at our enterprise has been certified on the national level.
  • The metal structure painting shop is the place for the final stage of metal structure production: the products are coated in primer and then painted. All the processes are executed with the help of modern equipment and high-quality certified materials.

The metal structure painting shop is equipped with professional low- and high-pressure painting devices, which allows to control the thickness and evenness of application of antirust compounds, primers, paints and varnishes.


All the products are verified for compliance with all the relevant national standards. Our enterprise executes rigorous multi-stage quality assurance. Metal structures are tested with ultrasound equipment, their ability to withstand mechanical load and resist any kind of mechanical impact is tested. Following these tests, we issue all the necessary technical documentation for the product.


Metal Structure Assembly Shop


The metal structure assembly shop enables us to assemble mounting components and blocks, and even full metal structures, in our facilities in order to speed up the assembly on site after delivery and prepare the metal structures for as rapid mounting as possible.


Buildings constructed on the basis of metal frames are in extremely high demand and are widely used in the industry thanks to their rapid construction. Our own metal structure assembly shop allows us to assemble major blocks at our enterprise and to deliver them rapidly to the construction site with our own trucks, which means we execute all the work on site significantly faster.

Цех завода металлоконструкций: сборка и сварка деталей

Besides, assembly and delivery of big mounting blocks to the construction site are highly useful for laying of pipelines. When finished sections are delivered to the location together with all the supplementary elements, such as supports and fixtures, not only does it speed up the installation, it also ensures higher quality of work.


Commission metal products from our metal structure plant shop

Metal Structures


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