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Buy Metal Products from OLAND. Our Offers

Buy Metal Products from OLAND. Our Offers

Production of Metal Products


OLAND Design and Engineering group means effective engineering and technical solutions for industrial enterprises. Our company produces a vast range of metal structures, can implement non-standard projects based on our customers’ designs. You can buy metal products of any kind from us.


Buy Metal Products, Turn-Key

Производство металлоизделий под ключ


We implement the full cycle of works from processing of raw material to mechanical metal-working on our own facilities. Our production capacity allows us to produce a wide range of metal products. You can buy metal products of the following types from our company:


  • TanksOLAND is one of the leading manufacturers of tanks and containers of industrial use. Our range of products includes underground and above-ground tanks, tanks for liquefied petroleum products, fuel and lubricant tanks and many other types of containers.
  • Metal structuresOur company produces various frame-based structures: construction columns, trusses and pre-fabricated facilities of various intended use.
  • Pneumatic transportOne of the most high-tech ways to automate transportation of bulk materials and piece loads at industrial enterprises is pneumatic transport, or pneumatic conveying system. OLAND metal structure plant executes professional design of pneumatic conveying systems and aspiration aimed at reducing the manual workload at enterprises.
  • SupportsThe structure of a pipeline requires reliable supports capable of carrying the weight of the pipeline itself and the transported matter, additionally. Our metal structure plan produces movable and immovable supports, sliding and non-standard structures from stainless, heat-resistant and low alloy steel.
  • Silos. Metal cisterns for storage of bulk materials is an effective and efficient solution both for short-term and long-term storage of grains, cement and other products. We produce all-welded containers from stainless steel of diameter up to 27 m and capacity over 10,000 tonnes.
  • FencingOLAND offers fencing for enterprises, storage and other facilities. We produce mesh, reinforced, movable, stationary, dismountable and swivel-attachment fencing, which are supplied with all the necessary poles fixtures for installation.


Examples of Complex Metal Products


Working in metal products manufacturing since 2006, the OLAND company has acquired the reputation of a reliable contractor that can be entrusted with any tasks, no matter how complex. Our design, production and installation services and engineering solutions for industrial enterprises make us the best choice verified by leading Russian and international companies.


Examples of complex metal structures produced by OLAND company can be seen at facilities of the biggest manufacturers of chipboard DOK Kalevala and Kronoshpan, OOO STOD and dozens of other enterprises of various industries.


Our production capacities enable rapid turnkey production of metal products, as well as production of non-standard metal products based on our customers’ designs. We execute the full cycle of production in our enterprise shops: cutting, bending, milling and mechanical metal-working.


By commissioning production and installation from the same contractor, you get faster work and high quality for the best price.

Buy metal products from OLAND


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