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Installation of Metal Structures in Construction

Installation of Metal Structures in Construction

Installation of Metal Structures in Construction


Installation of metal structures in construction is undoubtedly the most popular service on the market of real estate and other public or industrial facilities.


Design and Installation Group OLAND offers you the full range of services including design, production and installation of metal structures. We successfully work on the market from year 2007, and today, our enterprise can boast not only of powerful up-to-date equipment but also of vast experience in implementation of projects of various complexity level for the biggest Russian and international companies.


OLAND is a full cycle enterprise where you can commission any services connected with metal structures: from production of stand-alone metal products based on individual drawings to construction of turnkey pre-engineered buildings.


Production and Installation of Metal Structures in Construction


The range of application of metal structures is incredibly wide – today, they constitute the basis of most industrial and commercial buildings. While highly reliable, buildings based on metal structures are much cheaper and allow for rapid building of facilities of any complexity level.


Our company installs metal structures of various types:

  • industrial complexes

монтаж металлоконструкций в строительстве: промышленные комплексы

  • shopping spaces

монтаж металлоконструкций в строительстве: торговые помещения

  • objects for agricultural industrial complexes

монтаж металлоконструкций в строительстве: агропромышленные комплексы

  • storage facilities

Монтаж металлоконструкций для строительства складских комплексов

  • logistical complexes etc.


Construction of pre-engineered buildings for industrial use normally includes a vast range of supplementary works, such as installation of trestles, trusses, pipelines, various technological equipment, tanks, fences etc. Depending on the peculiarities of the construction and the installation site, the building can be installed in different ways:


  • continuous technology, when all elements are assembled into a single construction step-by-step
  • integrated technology, when the assembly takes place on one site first and then is transported to another


Our company also fulfills building and assembly works using a combined technology, which presupposes assembly of standalone installation blocks at the enterprise and their subsequent delivery to the site in the partly assembled condition, which speeds up the construction process.



Metal Structures: Construction and Installation by Oland


Production and installation of metal structures is the final stage completing the work of an entire team of experts of various profiles. Our enterprise takes on all the necessary preparatory works: design, production of metal frames and structures, arrangement of as-built documentation, installation works.


OLAND’s own design bureau designs metal structures based on the customers’ technical specifications. Besides, you can commission services to produce and install metal structures using a ready set of designs.


State-of-the-art equipment, a lot of experience with complex projects and control of the process at every stage allow us to guarantee high qualityof the services we provide. If you need reliable metal structures, construction and installation as well as their technical maintenance, you can commission all these services at affordable prices from OLAND.

Commission Production and Installation of Metal Structures

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