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Industrial Ventilation Systems: Standards and Installation

Industrial Ventilation Systems: Standards and Installation

Standards and Installation of Industrial Ventilation


Industrial ventilation systems are installed in facilities with high air consumption and heat and cold input. Industrial systems are those installed in spaces of over 200 m2. As a rule, they are manufacturing or storage facilities, hangars etc.


Installation of ventilation equipment is an obligatory requirement to all industrial facilities, since these systems aim at a whole range of highly important tasks:


  • maintenance of comfortable air temperature and humidity for the workers
  • establishment of the optimal temperature regime for the technological procedure
  • provision of normal air flow
  • purification of indoor air from harmful particles


OLAND Design and Installation group has been providing services of design, production and installation of air ducts and industrial ventilation systems since 2006. We implement solutions of any complexity level and issue a warranty for all the works we fulfill.


Calculation Standards for Industrial Ventilation Systems


All design works for industrial ventilation are regulated by an entire range of regulatory documents, both required and advisory. In particular, the project needs to comply with construction and sanitary regulations and requirements, fire safety standards and rules for installation of electric equipment.


According to standards, ventilation systems need to work in all production facilities and spaces, regardless of their area, intended use and number of employees who work there.


Equipment capacity needs to enable as rapid air purification as possible in case of emission of harmful waste or smoke. Design of such systems is a highly complex task which requires involvement of several experts at once.


The complexity of design is connected with the fact one needs to take into account not only standards of industrial ventilation systems, but also dozens of other factors, including the following most important ones:


  • temperature conditions in facilities taking into account the equipment in it and the necessary temperature regime
  • area and intended use of facilities
  • number of workers who work there
  • fire safety
  • air humidity
  • regional climate
  • presence and concentration of toxic waste polluting the environment


Standards of industrial ventilation stipulate standards of air exchange and flow for each particular facility depending on its intended use. For all industrial facilities, they are quite high and go as high as 2-3.5 times per hour. Standards of clean air input are at least 40-80 m3 per person.


These and other standards of industrial ventilation need to be taken into account at design stage to obtain permission to start utilization of the system and the entire building.


Installation of Industrial Ventilation Systems and Air Conditioning

монтаж промышленных вентиляций


OLAND Design and Installation Group provides effective engineering and technical solutions for industrial enterprises. We produce steel air ducts of all shapes and lengths based on our customers’ designs and provide services of their installation and maintenance.


Installation of industrial ventilation systems and air conditioning usually takes place at the construction stage. However, since many enterprises are created in buildings that already exist, there is often a need to upgrade or fully remake the old system. Our company includes modern ventilation systems in old buildings without any additional reconstruction work.


We provide installation of industrial ventilation and conditioning in full compliance with existing standards. The price for installation and the scope of work depends on the facility. However, the installation process consists of standard stages:


  1. Installation of central air ducts and separate pipes for waste disposal.
  2. Electrical fitting works to install the electrical components.
  3. Connection of air distribution manifolds to the equipment.
  4. Installation of ventilation equipment.
  5. Installation and setting up of automatic devices (controllers, indicators etc.)
  6. Testing of the system’s functionality and its compliance with construction rules and regulations.


After the system has been installed and all the necessary works have been fulfilled, the customer receives a technical certificate and service warranty. The price for installation of industrial ventilation is always individual, but our company is always willing to find the middle ground with the clients and find a way to offer the most cost-efficient deal.

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