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Construction of Warehouses from Metal Structures

Construction of Warehouses from Metal Structures

Construction of Warehouses from Metal Structures


Construction of a warehouses from metal structures Construction of warehouses from metal structures is the most reasonable and economically efficient solution for storage of various types of products. Pre-engineered warehouse hangars are reliable, useful and at the same time much cheaper than permanent structures.


Advantages of Warehouse Construction from Metal Structures


Frame-based warehouses made from metal structures have already almost fully replaced expensive and complex permanent buildings. These structures are movable, easy to maintain and offer a great number of advantages:


  • affordable price;
  • rapid building;
  • reliability and durability of the structure;
  • feasibility of the most complex and non-standard architectural designs;
  • ability to dismount the structure and move it to a different site;
  • long service life (up to 50 years);
  • no internal partition walls or columns, which allows to use the useful space of the warehouse with the maximum efficiency;
  • high class of fire safety.


Stages of Construction of Frame-Based Warehouses


The main reason of popularity of warehouses based on metal frames is easy and fast mounting. Design and Installation Group OLAND delivers the object to the site with its own equipment and carries out construction of warehouses from metal structures in several stages:

 1. Preparation of the site and laying of the foundation.

Строительство склада из металлоконструкций - укладка фундамента

2. Installation of structural columns and their clamping with anchors and inserts. Formation of the metal frames which perform the bearing function.

Строительство складов из металлоконструкций: несущие колонны

3. Making the frame more rigid using flexible links.


4. Installation of trusses and frame support for the gates.

Строительство склада из металлоконструкций: монтаж фахверковых опор

5. Implating of the frame.



What is special about construction of warehouses from metal structures is that the works can be done in any season and on sites with any relief and soil. Structures of this type do not shrink, thus they can be put into service immediately following the installation.


Types of Warehouses


The most common type of storage facilities are the so-called cold storage warehouses based on a steel frame with implating. Such structures are highly reliable and can be used for storage of the majority of products which do not have special temperature requirements.


Insulated storage warehouses (warm storage warehouses) are designated for products which have special temperature requirements. Heat insulation is done in three ways:


  • putting a layer of heat insulation material between profiled sheets when sandwich panels are used;
  • using sheet-by-sheet method when foil and armored silicate cotton are covered with profiled sheets on both sides;
  • heat insulation using foiled polyethylene foam.


An insulated warehouse from metal structures covered with sandwich panels is the most efficient and easy option. Such objects are installed very fast and, once done, the warehouse does not need further maintenance for a long time and has good energy saving characteristics.


Our company also carries out design, production and installation of industrial and storage facilities, where not only products are stored, but also some of the production processes take place. We build constructions of the weight from 20 tons at our own production facilities and mount them on the customer’s site, providing warranty for all types of works and products.

Commission a turnkey warehouse


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