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Coloring of Pipelines of Industrial Enterprises

Coloring of Pipelines of Industrial Enterprises

Coloring of Pipelines of Industrial Enterprises


Coloring of pipelines of industrial enterprises is carried out in accordance with GOST 14202 69. Its principal aim is, in case of an emergency, to notify fire-figthters, emergency service officials and other services of what matter they will be in contact with, how dangerous it can be and how to contain the emergency in the most effective way.


Industrial and public utilities systems transport substances which can be dangerous to people and the environment. Therefore, as a safety precaution, pipelines are always colored to indicate the delivering medium in the pipeline.



Rules and Ways of Coloring of Industrial Pipelines


GOST 14202-69 dictates the following rules of color marking of utilities systems depending on the transported medium:


  • for air: blue;
  • for water: green;
  • for steam: red;
  • for gas pipes (combustible and incombustible gas): yellow;
  • for alkalies: purple;
  • for acids: orange;
  • for combustible and incombustible liquids: brown;
  • for other substances: gray.


In certain cases, it is permissible to color only certain sections of the pipe instead of the entire pipe. This kind of coloring is used under the following circumstances:


  • if the pipes are encased in heat insulation
  • on pipelines from nonferrous  metals
  • in facilities with a great length and number of communications


Paint is applied on outside facilities and pipes located in production facilities (as long as they are not excessively long) in one solid layer.

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Calculation of the Amount of Paint Required for Coloring of Pipelines


There are no universal standards of paint consumption for marking pipelines. Every paint has its own density, viscosity, composition etc. The approximate consumption per square meter can be calculated based on the data provided by the pain manufacturer.


The calculation thus requires to find the total area of the pipe’s surface. The following formula can be used: S= π×D×L. The parameters mean the following:


  • π – mathematical constant
  • D – pipe diameter
  • L – pipe length


Choosing the paint and the way of its application, it is also necessary to take into account the climatic peculiarities of the area, quantity of illumination and transparency of the air, visibility of the object etc.


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