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OLAND engineering and installation group has over 10 years of successful experience, working on the engineering, construction and installation market of Russia and Belarus from as early as 2007.

We strive to cooperate with our customers, suppliers and partners to find and implement optimum engineering and technical solutions in investment and construction projects and projects on reconstruction and upgrade of industrial enterprises.

Our main focus area is execution of complex installation works on new industrial objects and supplying them with off-standard metal products.


One of the key focus areas of OLAND PROMTEKHMONTAZH is development of non-standard solutions on modernization of outdated equipment or its elements. During operation, managers of industrial enterprises often find shortcomings of basic projects. Many enterprises have faced the situation when the equipment no longer complies with the technical requirements, and their own resources are not sufficient for its replacement. When that happens, our company develops and implements solutions to upgrade parts of the equipment that need to be upgraded or replace the ones that are no longer fixable. Implementation of off-standard projects allows us to use the customer’s limited financial resources efficiently and significantly prolong the life cycle of equipment and sections of the customer’s production line.

When we develop, produce and install equipment, our company is often responsible for supply of expendables and auxiliary equipment for the object, at the request of the customer. It allows us to complete the construction or repair works in the minimum time.

OLAND PROMTEKHMONTAZH has a group of experts who can execute the service of start-up and adjustment of industrial equipment as well as its urgent and regular maintenance.

OLAND has its own production facilities which allow us to produce heat insulation materials, special metal structures, off-standard equipment, specific elements of equipment or unique devices, cyclons, reactors, mixers and tanks.

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+7(499)136-18-98 | OFFICE@OLAND-GROUP.RU