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Metal Structures for Industrial Use by OLAND

Metal structures are not only one of the principal types of structures used in construction but also the structural basis of the majority of industrial equipment used in various branches of industry with various energy consumption characteristics and functional features. Due to that, production of metal structures requires a wide range of materials and production and installation methods.

A large industrial enterprise is a highly complex object which includes various buildings, facilities utility systems and equipment. Almost each of these objects includes at last one metal structure, such as a column, a truss, a bar, a shifting (sliding) or immovable bearing, a main air duct, a tank and many other things. To built or reconstruct even a plant that is small by modern standards, thousands of tons of metal structures are required, and their production requires a high professional level. Production capacities of our plant allow us to product hundreds of tons of high-quality product every month.

Turnkey Production and Installation of Metal Structures According to Your Design

Металлоконструкции и монтаж под ключMetal structures  are a rather complex project which has to be produced with great responsibility. Before the final product can be presented, they go through several intermediate stages. Designs for the product are often commissioned from a design bureau, and their production from a metal structure plant afterwards. We, on the other hand, offer an integrated approach – design, production and installation of the metal structure by OLAND PROMTEKHMONTAZH (OLAND PTM). Our design engineers will develop any documentation you need, including design drawings of metal structures and structural engineering drawings. After that, they are produced at our metal structure plant. This approach allows us to avoid miscommunication that is inevitable when several organizations have to interact.


Our Clients and Partners

Installation of Equipment at Your Facility

Experienced construction and installation brigades managed by qualified engineers will carry out installation and dismantling of any complexity, including those which require the use of hoisting equipment. We have experience with installation of aspiration systems, major pipelines of a large diameter, smoke pipes, industrial facilities, overhead cranes and other objects.

 Turnkey Metal Structures

Spacious industrial facilities and modern equipment at our plant are well-prepared for big orders of any complexity level. We implement rigorous quality control at every stage of production with regards to acting regulatory documents. At the Client’s request, we can carry out precoating and coloring of metal structures as well as lab control (UT, PT etc.).

Calculation of the Cost of Your Project

Our experts will develop design specifications and estimates required for any serious project. The specifications and estimates allow to plan for predicted and unforeseen expenses, control their use as well as the quality of the work fulfilled. By commissioning your documentation from us, you save your time and money. All the necessary changes to the project are made with approval of both parties.

Calculate the Estimate of Metal Structure Production


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