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Construction of Hangars from Metal Structures

Construction of Hangars from Metal Structures

Construction of Hangars from Metal Structures

OLAND Design and Installation Group has been working in production and construction of hangars from metal structures since 2007. One of our services is production and installation of pre-fabricated structures for industrial, storage and retail use.


What Is the Purpose of Hangars?


Hangars are pre-fabricated constructions based on a steel skeleton used in industry, by logistic and trade companies. To answer the question why hangars are used: they are the cheapest, simplest and most efficient way to increase manufacturing, commercial and storage space of an enterprise.


The advantages of hangars include:


  • rapid construction process
  • durability and reliability
  • construction possible even on problematic soil or difficult relief
  • big open spaces available inside hangars with no columns or partitions required
  • hangars can be easily dismounted and reinstalled in a different location


Of course, one of the key benefits is the low price of hangar construction compared to traditional buildings.


Types of Hangars   


Our company offers a variety of hangar types. One of the main classification criteria for such constructions is their shape and assembly technology. In terms of this parameter, hangars can be broken down into the following types:


  • Arc hangars are built using both frame and no-frame technology. The first option enables production of highly durable and reliable constructions. No-frame hangars are assembled from ridged arc-shaped metal sheets. This technology is cheaper and used for temporary structures.

Строительство ангаров из металлоконструкций арочного типа

  • Hip hangars are buildings with inclined walls and a gable roof. The building is supported by a frame constructed from hip arcs attached to the foundation and connected with braces and girders.

строительство ангаров из металлоконструкций шатрового вида

  • Polygonal hangars are constructions based on a polyangular frame. The technology enables creation of large spaces up to 50m wide.

Cтроительство ангаров полигнального типа

  • Flat-sided hangars are based on columns located around the perimeter at up to 9m interval, which carry the entire building. This technology increases useful space of the building and allows to place various special equipment inside.

Строительство ангаров прямостенного типа

Technology of Hangar Construction from Metal Structures


OLAND has a lot of experience with construction of hangars based on metal structures and rapid implementation of projects of various complexity. The first stage is laying the foundation. Depending on the type of the building and peculiarities of the area, the foundation can be continuous, piled or post; sometimes, there is none.


The remaining works take little time and mainly consist in assembly of metal structures. All the elements are produced at our facilities; then we deliver them to the site using our own transport.


When you commission construction of hangars based on metal structures from OLAND, you receive the full cycle of work from one contractor. It reduces the time and cost of construction and ensures that you receive the end result of the highest quality.


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